Top 5 Best Golf Ball In Windy Conditions

Windy conditions can wreak havoc on a golfer’s game, making it difficult to hit the ball far and keep it in the fairway. When the wind is blowing hard, it is important to use a golf ball that will travel farther and stay in the air longer.

In this article, we will compare the best golf balls for windy conditions and provide tips on how to choose the right ball for your game.

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Top 5 Best Golf Ball In Windy Conditions Reviews

1. 2021 Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls , White

Highlighted Features:

1. The Supersoft golf ball is Callaway’s softest golf ball ever made.

2. It has a very low compression for a soft feel.

3. It has a large, high-energy core for fast ball speeds.

4. It has a soft urethane cover for excellent greenside control.

5. It comes in both white and yellow versions to match your preferred playing style.

The Supersoft golf ball is perfect for players who are looking for a ball that provides a lot of distance and some added forgiveness. This ball is designed to be really soft, which makes it a great option for beginners or those who tend to mishit the ball.

It’s also a great choice for players who are looking for a ball that will help them to achieve a higher ball flight. The Supersoft golf ball is available in both white and yellow.

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are some of the softest golf balls on the market. They are designed for players with a slow to moderate swing speed, and they provide a lot of forgiveness and a great feel.

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2. Vice Tour Golf Balls White (One Dozen)

Highlighted Features:

1. Vice Tour golf balls have a soft feel and good distance.

2. They are durable and long lasting.

3. The white color makes them easy to see in most weather conditions.

4. They provide consistent performance.

5. They are a good value for the price.

Looking for a performance golf ball that won’t break the bank? Vice Tour Golf Balls are perfect for you! These balls are designed to fly farther and straighter, while still providing the soft feel and spin you need around the green. They’re available in both white and yellow, and make a great choice for any golfer looking for an affordable way to improve their game.

The Vice Tour golf ball is perfect for the golf enthusiast who wants a ball that provides great distance and control. It is designed to be long off the tee and easy to control around the green.

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3. Srixon Ball:Z-Star XV7 (12) White one Size (10311204)

Highlighted Features:

1. The ball feels good off the clubface.
2. The ball produces a nice trajectory.
3. The ball is long off the tee.
4. The ball spin nicely around the green.
5. The ball feels soft when you make contact.

The Srixon Z-Star XV7 golf ball is a high performance ball designed for better players. It has a three-layer construction that provides both distance and control. The core is made of a soft urethane material for good distance, and the mantle layer is designed to help with accuracy and spin. The cover is a durable ionomer that provides good spin and control.

Upon receiving the ball, you will find that it has a white finish to it with a few black graphics on the surface. It is also labeled as a Z-Star XV7 ball. The ball feels smooth to the touch and is slightly textured as well. It is designed for intermediate to advanced golfers.

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4. Srixon Ball:Z-Star 7 (12) White one Size

Highlighted Features:

1. They are extremely accurate.
2. They provide good distance and trajectory.
3. They are durable balls that can hold up to a lot of wear and tear.
4. They are perfect for all types of players, regardless of skill level.
5. They are some of the most affordable golf balls on the market.

The Srixon Z-Star 7 (12), White, one Size is a golf ball that is designed to deliver high performance and distance. The ball is made with a soft cover that provides good feel and control around the greens. The core is made of a light and fast dual core that helps generate more distance. The ball also has a tour proven urethane cover that provides excellent spin and control.

The ball is easy to control and feels good off of the club.

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5. Titleist Tour Speed Yellow

Highlighted Features:

1. They are extremely consistent.
2. They have a very high spin rate.
3. They are great for golfers with a slow to medium swing speed.
4. They have a penetrating trajectory.
5. They are durable.

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls

The Titleist Tour Speed golf ball is designed for the advanced player. It is a three-piece ball with a dual core and a soft ionomer cover. The three-piece construction gives the ball a softer feel and more forgiveness on off-center hits. The dual core helps to create a higher trajectory and more distance. The soft ionomer cover provides good greenside spin and control.

The Titleist Tour Speed is available in both white and yellow. The white ball is for players who prefer a higher trajectory and more distance, while the yellow ball is for players who want more spin and control around the green.

What a great day on the course! The Tour Speed Yellow golf ball from Titleist flew through the air with ease and gave me great distance off the tee. It was also very consistent with my approach shots, providing good spin and stopping power on the green. I would definitely recommend this ball to any golfer looking for added distance and control.

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Buying Guide for best golf ball in windy conditions

Just as the right golf ball can improve your performance on the green, the wrong ball in windy conditions can ruin your game. Consider the following factors when selecting the best golf ball for windy conditions:

1. Ball type: There are three types of golf balls: the hard-surfaced, wound ball; the solid-core, solid-covered ball; and the balata ball. The hard-surfaced, wound ball is the most durable in windy conditions, while the balata ball is the most aerodynamic.

2. Weight: A heavier ball will fly further in windy conditions than a lighter ball.

3. Size: A smaller ball will be more affected by the wind than a larger ball.

4. Compression: A low-compression ball is more affected by the wind than a high-compression ball.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Hit The Driver Into The Wind?

Hitting a driver into the wind can be difficult, but it can also be very rewarding when done correctly. First, try to identify the prevailing wind direction and then adjust your club selection and ball position accordingly. When hitting into the wind, you’ll want to play less club in order to make sure you can get the ball up in the air and avoid hitting it too low. You’ll also want to make a more downward strike with the clubface in order to achieve the desired trajectory.

How Do You Practice Golf In The Wind?

There Are A Few Things You Can Do To Practice Golf In The Wind. One Is To Find An Open Field And Try To Hit Long Shots Into The Wind. This Will Help You To Get Comfortable With How The Ball Behaves In The Wind. You Can Also Try To Play Shots From Different Lies, Such As In The Rough Or By A Bunker, To See How The Wind Affects The Ball In Those Situations. Finally, You Can Try To Play A Simulation Game Where You Add More Wind To The Equation. This Will Allow You To Better Prepare Yourself For When You Encounter Windy Conditions On The Course.

How Do You Hit A Golf Ball In Windy Conditions?

There Is No One Definitive Answer To This Question. Some Things You May Want To Consider When Hitting A Golf Ball In Windy Conditions Are:

-Using A Club With A Higher Loft, Such As A 7 Or 8-iron, To Help You Hit The Ball Higher Into The Wind

– aiming your shot slightly to the right of your target to account for the wind direction

Which Golf Ball Is Best In Windy Conditions?

There Is No Definitive Answer To This Question As Different Golf Balls Perform Differently In Windy Conditions. Some Golfers Prefer To Use A Golf Ball That Has A Harder Cover, Such As A Pro V1, In Order To Reduce The Amount Of Spin And Provide More Distance. Others May Prefer A Golf Ball With A Softer Cover, Like A Titleist Nxt, Which Will Give Them More Control Over The Ball In Windy Conditions. Ultimately, It Is Up To The Individual Golfer To Experiment With Different Golf Balls To See Which One Performs Best For Them In Windy Conditions.

What Golf Ball Goes The Farthest In Cold Weather?

There Is No Definitive Answer To This Question As It Depends On A Number Of Factors, Including The Type Of Golf Ball, The Temperature, And The Weather Conditions. In General, However, A Harder Golf Ball Like A Pro V1 Will Travel Further In Colder Weather Than A Softer Ball Like A Titleist Nxt.


There is no definitive answer to the question of which golf ball performs best in windy conditions. However, it is generally agreed that a harder ball, such as a Pro V1, is less affected by strong winds than a softer ball, such as a Titleist NXT.

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